TechStyles Top 10 – June 2010

Here are the top 10 TechStyles stories read over the month of June 2010.

Nokia N8 touchscreen Symbian^3 smartphone

The top 10 stories read on TechStyles over the month of June. Quite a few repeat stories from last month’s top 10, but we do have a few new entries. Enjoy!

1. Nokia N8 smartphone preview – it’s been put back from the third quarter of the year to the fourth, but there’s still a lot of interest in Nokia’s upcoming smartphone.

2. Henge Docks – docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks – a neat idea to hold your Mac notebook up like a piece of art, and save a little space on your desk.

3. HTC Desire GPS issue – fix expected soon – still popular, but more for the phone than the GPS issue, which was after all fixed… see below

4. Notion Ink Adam – more pre-launch news – after some press reports stating delays and technical issues, the CEO of Notion Ink came forward to tell the world everything was on track with this very interesting new take on a tablet computer

5. HTC Desire GPS fix available now – and a week after the phone was released with a problem, HTC and Telstra released the solution.

6. Sony Bravia 2010 range of LCD TVs – LCD TVs yes, but also in the range is Sony’s first 3D TV, and in their Monoloithic Design range, there’s some serious TV eye candy.

7. Brennan JB7 – CD player with up to a 5,000 disc capacity hard drive – available to buy online only, this device has been a real success story.

8. Seiko EPD concept watch – a watch using the same sort of electronic ink display as the Kindle e-book. And only yesterday I updated this article, adding the expected release date and price I received from Seiko Australia.

9. HTC Legend price and availability – a very nice looking, and powerful, new smartphone.

10. Nokia N8 – photo gallery and video – another appearance in the top 10 for Nokia’s flagship phone to be… check it for a close up look at the phone, and the range of colours it will ship in. Included is a video to watch, giving a tour of the N8’s main features.

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