Tokyoflash Speed Track

Tokyoflash Speed Track watch

With the Speed Track, I think the Tokyoflash crew are back to their time-telling-degree-of-difficulty best. The first commenter on this design doesn’t think so, but I think it’d take a bit of practice to get the time right.

And because the’ve segmented all the units of time so much, the Tokyoflash Speed Track would look like an everlasting F1 race. If there’s a stopwatch function it could work as a hypnotist’s aid, or portable strobe light.

As with all of this company’s concept designs, you can comment on its design aspects on the Tokyoflash blog. And who knows, they may well go ahead and make this watch move from concept to purchasable item.

Of course, Tokyoflash have also put together a graphic to unlock the mystery of how to tell the time on the Speed Track:

Tokyoflash Speed Track watch

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