TechStyles Top 10 – May 2010

Henge Docks - docking stations for Apple Mac notebooksMay was the first full month of TechStyles going live, so in honour of our first temporal milestone, here are the top 10 stories viewed for the month.

1. Henge Docks – docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks – a handy, neat solution to free up some space on your desk, and make your MacBook something of an art installation.

2. Nokia N8 smartphone preview – Nokia’s upcoming flagship phone, and the first to run the new open-source Symbian^3 operating system.

3. HTC Desire GPS fix available now – a great new phone from HTC that unfortunately shipped with a software error concerning its GPS. Here’s how to fix the problem.

4. HTC Desire GPS problem – fix expected soon – and here was the first advice of that software bug with the HTC Desire.

5. Brennan JB7 – CD player with up to a 5,000 CD disc capacity hard drive – not in any retail store, but a very successful device that’s been availabe to buy online for a few years now.

6. Martin Jetpack – can’t afford to buy it, but still like to try it? – get up, up and away for the mere cost of $15,000 a day. A lot of money, but how fun would it be!

7. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 tablet – it’s real, and it’s out soon – a really interesting, somewhat groundbreaking computer, but sadly, as it turned out, it was cancelled in this form by Lenovo only last week. Hopefully some of the design will live on in something new.

8. Microsoft Courier tablet computer – no plans to build – another new, tablet-form concept computer that had people excited, and sadly, another a concept only it is to stay. For now.

9. Telstra’s Apple iPad 3G data pricing – Telstra was the first in with their pricing for the iPad 3G, and it was a pleasant surprise.

10. HTC Legend preview – the HTC juggernaut just keeps on rolling out some great specced, great looking mobile phones.