Battle of the toughest iPad case – Survivor vs Extreme Edge

G-Form Extreme Edge iPad case, in space

Back in May last year, we wrote about the Griffin Survivor, a ruggedised case for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. How tough is the Griffin Survivor? To the video:

Pretty impressive. But this week G-Form showed off its new Extreme Edge iPad case. How did they show off its toughness? By hitching an iPad to a weather balloon, and giving it a vertical ride to the edge of space. About 100,00 feet as the ruler flies. Watch as it rises to great heights, pop when it hits the atmospheric needle, and then fall to earth. Hard. And keeps right on working.

Pretty impressive in terms of ruggedness, yes? Though a desert fall is of course kinder than, say, a road fall. Who do you think wins in this Survivor vs Extreme Edge battle?

I wonder if this will become a new video meme, in the style of Will it Blend – “Will it survive a fall from space?”