Enemy of price labels: Orange Power Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver

Orange Power Sticky Spot Goo Dissolver closeup

Orange Power Sticky Spot & Goo DissolverSomeone on my Twitter account the other day asked what she could use to remove the sticky gunk left behind by price labels. Having all just gone through the present-fest that is Christmas, you’re sure to have been annoyed by not being able to remove ALL trace of the price labels.

So here’s my tip, a product I’ve been using for years for just such an annoyance – Orange Power Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver. It works a treat, used full-strength gonzo, or diluted when you have concerns about those delicate objects.

It’s made from orange peel, distilled into something called d-Limonene. So the first good thing, is that it works. Then, there’s the fact that it’s Australian made and owned, and a percentage of the profit goes to help Planet Ark’s environmental campaigns.

And the good doesn’t end there. Orange Power Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver has:

  • No added colours
  • No preservatives
  • No perfumes
  • No bleaches
  • No caustic substances
  • Biodegradable and water safe

For more information, and a Where to Buy link, go to the Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver page on the Orange Power website.