Breville Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle BTM800

Breville Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle BTM800

Breville Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle BTM800

Walk into any electrical store these days, and be prepared to be staggered at the sheer range of machine offer to make cafe-grade coffee at home. What about tea?

Enter Breville, and its Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle, also known as the BTM800. Not something that simply heats water and has a receptacle for tea leaves, the BTM800 has a button allowing you to preset brew temperatures according to tea type – green, black, white, herbal and oolong. Another button lets you select from one of three brew strengths of your tea.

Use the BTM800’s timer option to have your tea freshly brewed when you wake up.

“Without a thermometer, a stop watch, and a lot of messing around, there was no easy way to unlock tea’s perfect taste,” said Breville Product Designer Eddie Siu.

“Pouring freshly boiled water onto delicate tea leaves, such as green, oolong and white varieties, can scald the leaves and result in a bitter taste. Equally, brewing the tea for too long or too short can result in an unpleasant or tasteless cup. With this in mind, we set about designing a kettle that could also brew the perfect cup of tea.”

Breville Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle price and availability

The Breville Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle has an RRP of $299.95, and is available from department stores and electrical retailers.


  • Auto lower and lifts the tea basket
  • Variable temperatures with 5 preset settings
  • Variable tea strengths with 3 preset settings
  • 1.5 litre glass jug
  • Auto start
  • Accurate temperature sensor
  • Stainless steel tea basket
  • LCD timer monitors the freshness of the brewed tea
  • 60 minute keep warm function
  • 2000 watt
  • Designed in Australia by the Breville Design team
  • 12 month replacement guarantee

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