Brook & Hunter Mo-Tools – have axe, will travel

Brook & Hunter Mo-Tools

I’ve written about some over-the-top pockets knives in the past. For the obscenely well-prepared there was the Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife, and for the lovers of the new, there was the modular approach to the pocket knife from the Switch multi-tool knife. If you looked at those two knives and stopped short of picking one up due to the lack of included axe, then the evil geniuses at Brook & Hunter have you covered with its Mo-Tools range of pocket knives.

Yes, the Mo-Tools range also have your standard pocket knife fare, like a screwdriver, blade, knife, can opener, wire cutter, pliers, file and spanner, but standing above all is an axe, and a hammer. Why you need a small axe in your pocket is, well, a matter for yourself and possibly an FBI profiler, not to mention you have to wonder just how effective a small axe could be. But, just so you know, this thing is out there for you.

There’s four knives in the Brook & Hunter Mo-Tools range, the diffences being in the tool configuration, and either a wood or plastic handle. Depending upon your choice, the RRP for the knives is either US$49.95 or US$99.90.

Brook & Hunter Mo-Tools online at Amazon, or check out the Brook & Hunter storefront there – the company is more well-known for its gardening tools.