Chillchaser Poseidon outdoor heater – hot rockin’ beats

Chillchaser Poseidon outdoor heater

Chillchaser Poseidon outdoor heater

I know the timing isn’t quite right with an Australian summer fast bearing down on us, but for next winter, keep the Chillchaser Poseidon outdoor heater in mind (should it go on sale in Australia).

Yes, it’s a tall, striking looking appliance, IPX5 weatherproof, available in orange, green and silver, pumping out 1350W or 2700W, via carbon fibre heating elements.

But it also has an in-built multimedia player, with speakers, allowing to plug in a USB stick and play video and music. Or plug in an iPod or multimedia player via the Poseidon’s 3.5 mm speaker jack.

Chillchaser Poseidon outdoor heater

Main features

  • 6.5 feet tall, all-metal design
  • Uses a standard 220 – 240V electric supply. Coming soon in 2010 for USA / Canada / Japan as a 100-120V version with CETLUS approval
  • IPX5 weatherproof design
  • 40W CFL low energy light with four position adjustable head.
  • Carbon fibre heating technology to produce ‘far infrared heat’ for a pleasant deep penetrating heat
  • Instant heat with two heat settings – 1350W / 2700W. Elements are replaceable & designed to last 8,000 hours.
  • Effective heating area of up to 4 metres at 110 degree angle
  • Safety tip-over & Auto reset thermal cut-off devices
  • Switchable PIR economy feature enables the Poseidon patio heater to automatically switch itself on and off depending on people’s proximity to the unit
  • Includes magnetic remote control that attaches to side of the unit.
  • Chrome grille protects the elements and does not get dangerously hot to the touch
  • Coated with outdoor paint for long lasting protection, and optional zipped cover is supplied for additional weatherproof protection


Chillchaser is based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and the Poseidon sells for £949.