Iris 9000 iPhone dock – a lounge room oddity

Iris 9000 iPod dock

Open the Vengaboys iPod dock Hal. Once was sci-fi, now you could be uttering these words and have you could almost have the Vengabus in your house, with the Iris 9000 iPod dock.

The Iris 9000 comprises the main unit, designed to look like the HAL computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey film, and a micro remote control. Dock your iPhone 4S – and it only works with the iPhone 4S – and then use the Iris 9000’s inbuilt microphone, and the remote control, to bring the Siri voice control feature from Apple’s iOS5 to life. Then sit back and order your home HAL to play songs, make and take calls, indeed anything that Siri can do, you can control from up to 15 metres (50 feet) away.

The Iris 9000 will not be available until early 2012, and will be available from ThinkGeek, at a price of US$59.99.