Lego and iPhone… together at last

Lego Belkin iPhone case, with bricks

If it’s not enough for you that you can play with your iPhone or iPod Touch (5th generation) via the apps on the screen, now with the Belkin Lego Builder Case you can play with the whole iPhone 5 or iPod.

Built to fit the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as the requisite access to the camera, buttons, and ports, the back of this case is a standard Lego baseplate, that will of course accept standard Lego blocks and accessories.

“At LEGO we strive to build imagination into your everyday life, and the partnership with Belkin allows us to do that: offer a functional product that also serves as a stage for expression for anyone embracing a mobile lifestyle,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Chief Executive Officer of the LEGO Group.”

The case is in stores now, and sells for $39.95 RRP, or buy the Belkin Lego Builder Case online at Amazon.

See what some people have done with the Belkin Lego Builder Case in this short video:


Or see what Belkin cooked up in its offices:

Lego Belkin iPhone case cinema

Lego Belkin iPhone case plane


Lego Belkin iPhone case globe


Lego Belkin iPhone case, Spiderman


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