M-Edge Guardian Case keeps your Kindle dry

M-Edge Guardian Case waterproof Kindle case

M-Edge Guardian Case waterproof Kindle case

Cautious Kindle owners will love the M-Edge Guardian Case, which fits tightly around your precious e-book reader and waterproofs it to 1 metre, and therefore opens up to you a whole new world of quiet, and fluid, reading spots.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does the Guardian case waterproof your Kindle, but in-built buoyancy chambers means the case floats, so you can read a few pages, casually drop it in the pool and concentrate on doing nothing in your favourite inflatable pool furniture, and pick up reading again as it floats by a little later.

The Guardian case is made from transparent polycarbonate, and it’s aquatic safety is assured by use of a “dual-hinge, integrated gasket and four-latch closure system”. The face is designed so that you have full access to all the Kindle’s keyboard and navigation buttons.

The case is designed to fit the 6 inch display latest generation Kindle.

Price and availability

The M-Edge Guardian waterproof case for Kindle is US $79.99, and will be available in the Northern Hemisphere Spring. It can be ordered from the M-Edge website, with international shipping adding another US $20 to the cost.

The case is available in three colours: black, red and light blue.

Video demonstration

Here’s a video demonstration of the M-Edge Guardian case, shot at this year’s CES:

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