Nokia N8 video overview – homescreen, interface, maps

A video overview of the Nokia N8, the upcoming smartphone from the world's biggest maker of mobile phones. A look at the N8's homescreen, interface & maps.

Nokia N8 smartphone, Nokia N8 mobile phone

Nokia N8 – the company is pumping out a lot of information about this upcoming Symbian^3 smartphone, ahead of its release in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

The latest is a video from Chris Bennetts, a Senior Project Manager on the Nokia N8 project. In the video Chris takes a look at:

  • the ability to have three homescreens, each of which can be populated with six widgets
  • multitasking
  • simplifying the interface so that you can quickly perform tasks
  • conversational view of SMS
  • the touchscreen keyboard
  • access Wi-Fi activity points from the homescreen
  • each of your email accounts can be widgetised
  • internet browser – supports Flash, showing websites as should be seen
  • Mapping – free lifetime navigation, plus Lonely Planet and Michelin guides

The Nokia N8 video

More information on the Nokia N8

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