Nokia N8 – everything you need to know

Nokia N8. Everything you need to know about Nokia's upcoming new smartphone, running on the company's new Symbian^3 operating system.

Nokia N8 smartphone, Nokia N8 mobile phone

The Nokia N8 is the Finnish company’s upcoming flagship mobile phone due for a release sometime between July and September. It is also¬†Nokia’s first smartphone using its new Symbian^3 operating system.

This is an (another) really quite important phone for Nokia. They are well overdue to have a phone that can match the twin juggernauts of the iPhone and phones running the Google Android operating system. For all the noise you hear and read about smartphones, it’s a phone category that still has an immense amount of growth ahead of it. Whether it’s the price of the handsets themselves, or the data plans, smartphones are yet to be the dominant category in sales.

And in Symbian^3 Nokia are attempting to address what more than a few reviewers and commentators consider a dependable but somewhat sluggish current version of the Symbian operating system.

TechStyles has published a few stories already, and there’ll be a few more to come, so here gathered together is everything we have, and will in the near future, publish about the Nokia N8. Specs, main features, videos… it’s all here.

Nokia N8 – all the stories

Nokia N8 smartphone preview – The all important specifications of the Nokia N8, plus not one, but two videos casting an eye over the new Symbian^3 operating system.

Nokia N8 photo gallery and video – In this post we look at the range of colours the N8 will be available in, via a photo gallery. Also included is a 4 minute video, providing an overview of this upcoming touchscreen smartphone.

Nokia N8 video overview Рhomescreen, interface and maps РThe first in a series of three videos, fronted by Chris Bennetts, a Senior Project Manager on the Nokia N8 project. In the video we see a little bit of Symbian^3 in action, and the out-of-the-box mapping software, with free lifetime navigation, plus Lonely Planet and Michelin guides.

Nokia N8 – photography credentials – the N8 is a phone with some pretty good image game, what with the 12 megapixel camera, and the ability to edit still and video images in the camera. This post also includes the second in a series of three videos, where a senior Nokia product managers provides of tour of the N8’s imaging potential.

Nokia N8 – music player and HDMI connectivity – this post includes the third in a series of videos, in this case looking at the Nokia N8’s smarts as a music player, plus its ability with the HDMI port to play content stored on the phone on your bigscreen plasma or LCD TV.