Notion Ink Adam tablet computer delayed… possibly

The Notion Ink Adam, one of the more innovative of the new breed of tablet computers, has perhaps succumbed to what now appears to be the Curse of the New Tablets.

The last couple of weeks we’ve waved so long to the Lenovo IdeaPad U1, and the Microsoft Courier, which admittedly was only ever a concept design. And now, according to the SlashGear blog, there’s talk – talk only at this stage – of a delay on the Notion Ink Adam.

SlashGear on the one hand have Rohan Shravan saying that there will be a November launch “in some countries”, but that is only a partial quote from an email, and that they’ll be releasing a launch date “soon”.

Rohan Shravan’s latest blog entry, on May 31, would also seem to indicate that things are still positive in Notion Ink’s eyes. He said:

Apologies from my side or not updating you all. I am leaving for Taiwan and getting good news for all of you. Just a little more patience!

So expect some more Notion Ink Adam news very soon. In the meantime, have a look at the innovative new features of the device, plus see a hands-on video of it in action, see my previous story on the Notion Ink Adam tablet computer.

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