Optus Apple iPad 3G data pricing

Optus data plans for Apple iPad

Optus data plans for Apple iPad

Optus has released partial details of their data pricing for the Apple iPad 3G. Just like Telstra’s 3G pricing, released earlier today, the Optus prices refer to pre-paid monthly data allowances, there are no contracts, there are at the time of writing no subsidised plans, where you pay the price of the iPad device itself over time.

The prices that Optus have released so far, are:

  • $20 for 2GB
  • $30 for 3GB
  • $60 for 8GB

That’s slightly better than Telstra’s pricing, but then keep in mind the Optus network cannot match Telstra’s for speed and coverage.

The complete details of Optus’ data plans for the iPad are expected tomorrow.

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