Samsung Galaxy Tab price announced

Samsung tonight announced the buy outright price in Australia for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Cheap? No.

Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung tablet computer, Android Froyo tablet

Samsung tonight held a press launch for the Galaxy Tab, and for those hoping for a device to be somewhere near bargain-priced, hopes have been dashed.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will sell outright, from sometime in November, for $999. At that price it will be a tall order to grab back much of the Apple iPad’s advance ground.

The next question on pricing, is will the telcos make the Samsung Galaxy Tab a more attractively priced proposition?

For an overview of this device, including specifications, read Samsung Galaxy Tab release date announced, or, for more pictures, Samsung Galaxy Tab – photo gallery.

In advance of the November release date of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, here’s a new 9 minute promo video from Samsung:

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