Sesame Street iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch cases

iSound Sesame Street iPhone and iPod Touch caseThese official Sesame Street-endorsed iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch cases add a nice splash of colour and personality to your beloved gadgets.

The cases are made from food grade silicon, helping to protect your precious bundle of metal, plastic, Gorilla Glass, etc. from the ravages of mobility and clumsiness.

The whole Sesame Street family is not represented, just the big two, Elmo and the Cookie Monster. The iPhone and iPod Touch cases cost US$14.99, or US$24.99 for a pack containing both characters. The iPad cases are US$49.99.

While they look great, your fight to keep your gadgets out of your kid’s hands for more than 5 minutes at a time just got a little bit tougher.

Where to buy

Click here to buy the range of iSound Sesame Street covers online at Amazon

iSound Sesame Street iPad case