Smarter Socks – get them before they get you!

Mark the Smarter Socks with Plus+ – the tech so nice they named it twice – as something for those who have almost everything. What makes these socks smart? They have a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip inside. This chip, along with synching your RFID’d socks via Bluetooth with the Sock Sorter iPhone app, will tell you a bunch of very important things.

  • It will keep your matched socks matched. This can be a thing when you like a particular brand of sock, and it’s tricky sometimes to keep the sock vintages as pairs.
  • It will know how many times you’ve worn a sock on your left foot, and your right.
  • It counts how many times you’ve washed your socks. So, if you’re slovenly lending your phone to someone could be awkwardly revealing.
  • It measures the blackness level of your socks. I honestly don;t know what you do with this – set a level and they go from being office socks to wear to the shops socks? Kill the socks at 57% blackness? Actually, it’s a three-level advisory – Continue Wearing, Caution, and Replace.
  • Linked to your account at, it will ‘manage your socks’. Perhaps this is linked to the blackness numbers.

Sadly, if this smart sock thing takes off one of the great get-out-of-things excuses, “I cant’, I’m organising my sock drawer”, could be a thing of the past. That’s nothing though, compared to the bigger fear of these smart socks becoming self-aware, and mankind being terminated by SockNet.

Still, if you want to roll the dice and smart sock yourself up, these babies go for just under US$19 a pair.