Kérastase Hair Coach: the smartest of the hairbrushes?

Withings Kerastase Hair Coach brush and app screen

The word smart is attached to a lot of consumer tech these days – phones, TVs, shirts, socks. Some good products, some frivolous products. To the latter, you can now add the smart hair brush.

Yes, the Kérastase Hair Coach is really going to be a thing. It is a collaboration between haircare giants Kérastase and L’Oréal, powered by the smarts of fitness tracker company Withings. And it being shown for the first time at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Just how smart is the Kérastase Hair Coach? It will will collect data on the dryness and brittleness of hair, and through gesture analysis help you ‘understand and improve brushing habits’. It collects its data via an inbuilt microphone that listens as you brush your hair, sensor that pick up how much force you’re applying, sensors that can tell how wet/dry your hair is, and an accelerometer that counts hair strokes, and warns if you’re being a little hard with the brush.

Sending all of this ‘data’ to an app (iOS and Android), it will provide an overall rating for your hair, based on damage, breakage, tangling, and dryness. And then of course point you toward the Kérastase and L’Oréal products that will help lift your mane game.

The Kérastase Hair Coach, powered by Withings, will go on sale in the Northern Hemisphere’s autumn, at a cost of around US$200 to start with… add to that all the cash it will want you to splash on Kérastase hair products.