Aurasma augmented reality app available on iTunes. Sort of.

A cut-down version of the Aurasma augmented reality app for smartphones has today been put up for free download on the iTunes store.

Possible uses of the Aurasma augmented reality app

A few weeks ago I wrote of the upcoming Aurasma augmented reality app, which in conjunction a smartphone’s camera, adds levels of content options to a piece of text, photograph, advertisement, etc. Activate the app, point the camera at a newspaper, or street advertising, or might be a link to a website, to a video… for an introduction to Aurasma, including a demonstration video, read Aurasma augmented reality: QR codes on steroids.

A first cut-down version of the Aurasma app has been released, called Aurasma Lite, and it’s free. Future versions will be available for all smartphones on all operating systems, but Aurasma Lite works only with the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2.

The full version of Aurasma is due for release next month.