Flexible Love – the Tardis of chairs

Flexible Love chair, white

Flexible Love furniture is the brainchild of Taiwanese designer Chishen Chiu. The name is derived from Chiu’s first design concept, a flexible love seat.

The material used is recycled paper and recycled wood waste. Environmental consideration also goes into the method of production, as the Flexible Love chairs “are produced using pre-existing manufacturing processes in order to reduce their overall impact on the environment”.

Flexible Love chair, white

Models in the current line-up include FlexibleLove Virgin 20, FlexibleLove Earth 16, FlexibleLove White 16, and FlexibleLove Earth 8.

At the moment, the Flexible Love seats are available from distributors in Japan, Italy, and France. There are currently no Australian distributors, but Darrion Wang, the Brand Manager at Flexible Love, says that there has been ‘considerable interest’.

That’s not to say that Australians can’t purchase one of the seats. Darrion says that:

We ship all single and sample unit orders via air express at a rate of approximately USD200 per unit to most locations (with the product arriving within 8 days of received payment.) We can ship orders in excess of 10 units via sea at a considerably reduced rate (shipping time is about 30 days).

Australians ordering the seats will pay the following prices:

  • FlexibleLove 8 – US$390
  • FlexibleLove 16 – US$580