Nokia N8 – music player and HDMI connectivity

A video tour of the Nokia N8's music playing capabilities, & how the HDMI connectivity opens up a larger world of displaying content stored on the N8.

Nokia N8 smartphone, Nokia N8 mobile phone

Nokia have produced three overview videos, dedicated to looking at certain aspects of the Nokia N8 touchscreen phone. The first looked at the homescreen, interface and mapping, while the second looked the the N8’s photo and video features.

This third of the Nokia N8 videos gives you a tour of the N8 as a music player, and the uses the HDMI connectivity brings.

For mine, this is the weakest of the three videos. The music features shown will look extremely familiar to Apple iPod and iPhone owners. The “new and innovative way” of looking through your music is pretty much a clone of Apple’s Cover Flow, displaying the album art as one of the methods of navigation.

Also featuring in this Nokia N8 video overview, is a look at the N8’s HDMI connectivity. The HDMI connection will allow you to play any content stored on the phone on your HD television. The Nokia N8 ships with a converter cable, which you simply plug a HDMI cable into. With the in-built Bluetooth capability, you can use any Bluetooth remoter control to look after the playback of content on your N8. So you can leave the cable-attached Nokia N8 near the TV, and operate it from the couch.

Other possibilities include the display of aggregated news sources, and playing content on in-car video systems.

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