Phosphor Watches and E-Ink technology

Phosphor Watches, with e ink technology

Phosphor Watches, with e ink technology

Love the sound of a watch using the very clear, very low-power consumption electronic ink display? Like the look of the upcoming Seiko EPD watch, but don’t like the $2,000 price tag?

Then you might like to take a look at the e-ink range at Phosphor Watches. They’re modern, not Tokyoflash modern, but modern all the same, with big easy-to-read elements on the watch face.

Not only are the electronic ink watch faces easy to read, and energy efficient, the technology allows makers to make the watches very thin. In the case of the Phosphor E Ink range, the makers get the thickness of the watches down to only 8 mm.

The watches displays time in the 12 hour mode only. Another feature is the alternation each minute between a white-on-black face and a black-on-white face.

Phosphor Watches price and availability

Phosphor Watches make two models in their e ink range – Digital Hour, and Digital Calendar. In the two models there are three watchband styles to choose from – stainless steel, leather and polyurethane.

Depending upon the watch type and band you choose, the watches range from $220 to $240. And that’s New Zealand dollars. The Phosphor Watches Australian site defaults to a New Zealand web address, hence the NZ pricing.

Delivery will take 3-6 working days, and will cost an additional NZ$25.

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