Spider Catcher – a low-tech solution to a high anxiety problem

Spider Catcher

The Spider Catcher is not entirely high-tech, but it’s a thoughtful and well-researched solution for those that hate spiders in their house or car, and that don’t like to use the insect spray, or smash with a phone book, methods of spider removal.

In short, an arachnophobic environmentalist’s wet dream.

Invented by Irishman Tony Allen, the Spider Catcher does have an Australian touch to its story. Local Des Harris found that the device was effective on Redbacks, Golden Orbs, St Andrew’s Cross and small House spiders, wasps, moths, but failed to step up to the mark on Funnel Webs and Huntsman. Yes, the Huntsman, the seemingly steroid-pumped, 100 metre sprint champion of the spider world.

Des added a hooked bristle into the design, and tested it at Spiderworld, in Gosford, NSW, where it passed all the stringent eight-legged test scenarios. Huntsman and Funnel Web spiders are, thanks to a little Aussie ingenuity, no longer immune to the Spider Catcher.

Price and availability

You can buy the Spider Catcher online from Amazon Рthe price at the time of writing is $25.29.


Here’s a quick video demonstration of the Spider Catcher in action:

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