TechStyles: 1 year-old today

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TechStyles initials logoOne year ago today I was mucking about for almost the first time with this little thing called WordPress. And, a little ahead of plans, I pushed live. It was there, I didn’t want to touch and break anything, so I left it there. And it’s still here. And there. So happy first birthday TechStyles!

So regular readers, RSS’ers, Googlers, Tweeters, Facebookers and so on, thank you for your support in our first year.

Thanks also to those of you who have used the Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon (this link is to my profle on Stumble Upon), Reddit and Digg buttons to recommend TechStyles stories to members of those sites. If you’ve not seen those buttons, they appear at the top and bottom of each article. If you don’t know about sites like Stumble Upon, Reddit and Digg, I highly recommend them, they’re a terrific way of discovering new sites and pages, on an astonishingly wide range of topics.

Vendors and PR folk, thanks to you too. By the way, now that the first year is down, we should talk about getting some pretty damn sexy competitions on the site. TechStyles has an an enthusiastic, growing and targeted readership, who love your brands and would love to get their hands on more of your products. Do email me, or use the Contact Us section of the site. We should talk, and we should talk often on these matters.

Again, thank you, and I hope to see more of you all in year 2.